66 R . R . LALENA CORPORATION WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR OF AIR FRESHENERS, ACCESSORIES, IMPULSE ITEMS AND CHEMICALS 59-26 55TH DRIVE, MASPETH, NY 11378 USA 1.800.R.LALENA 718.326.9788 718.326.8765 RRLALENA.COM RLALENA@AOL.COM MINI FLAGS WITH GOLD FRINGES ASK FOR QUANTITY DISCOUNT BY SPECIAL ORDER, ONLY. GET ATTENTION WITH THESE LARGE BANNERS. LET THE TRAFFIC KNOW THAT YOU ARE READY FOR BUSINESS! CALL FOR CURRENT PRICING & AVAILABILITY #USA USA Polyester, 3’ x 5’ Flag #CAR WASH Car Wash, 3’ x 5’ #09900 U.S. Flag 3’ x 5’ 50,000 Stitch Embroidered Stars and Stripes. #OPEN Open (3’ x 5’) #FOR S #SP-64 #FOR SA BUSINESS SIGNS & BANNERS AMERICAN FLAG MB88 Afghanistan MB164 Bosnia MB136 Checker MB7 Colombia MB8 Costa Rica MB100 Cuba MB11 Dom. Rep. MB12 Ecuador MB25 Italy MB56 Israel MB25 Italy MB-133 Japan MB37 Puerto Rico MB9 Rainbow MB150 Smile MB41 USA Signs 6 Pack 6 Pack #1122 Hello Kitty Face Cling Window Decal #1128 Hello Kitty Bow Cling Decal #BOB Baby on Board! Plastic Sign With Suction. COUNTRIES, GAS STATIONS AND CAR LOGO FLAGS Available in Polyester, 3’ x 5’. Ready for Hanging on Pole. Service Decals CALS #STU Student Driver #83606 Heart, Hot Pink 3-D Cals LENTICULAR GREETING CARDS ENVELOPE INCLUDED MESSAGE WRITING AREA #05402 Flowers #05419 Happy B-Day, Cupcakes #05433 Happy B-Day, Confetti #05440 Sky is the Limit #05464 Island Size: 3’ x 5’