2019 Catalog

40 R . R . LALENA CORPORATION WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR OF AIR FRESHENERS, ACCESSORIES, IMPULSE ITEMS AND CHEMICALS 59-26 55TH DRIVE, MASPETH, NY 11378 USA 1.800.R.LALENA 718.326.9788 718.326.8765 WWW.RRLALENA.COM FlashLights #00803 9 LED Flashlight Assorted Colors 12 Pc Display 17 LED High Intensity Emergency Light With Safety Wand LED Lights With Motion Detecting Sensor #CL-7 Carabiner Flashlight 75 Lumens, 10m Range, 100Kh LED 12 Pc Display Assorted #GM-FL-140 Nitro Beam LED Cap Light 12 Pc Display Sold by Units or Display * #07171 17LED High Intensity Emergency Light with Safety Wand. Batteries Included. 12 Pc Display. #02701 27 LED Flashlight Outdoor or Indoor. 12 Pc Display #26545 Magnetic Flat Flashlights 1/4” Thick 24 Pc Display, Assorted Colors #90305 LED Lighted Magnetic Pick-Up Tool. Telescopes from 8.5” to 33.5”. 12 Pc Display #02759 Telescopic Magnetic LED Flashlight. Extends to 22”. 12 Pc Display #027774 Light Switch with Dimmer, COB LED 2W, 240 Lumens. #02772 Keychain LED Flashlight 24-Unit Display Assorted #02771 Suction-Cup Worklight 12-Unit Display #40715 COB Work Lamp with Folding Stand. 12 Pc Display. #22454 Vehicle Repair Work Light, 42” Long #02988 Wireless Lightning System With Remote Controller & Dimmer 3 Lights in a Pack #02779 Majic C.O.B. Lights (LED Chip Technology) With Motion Detecting Sensor. Batteries Included. 2-Pack BUILT-IN MAGNETS CAR & WALL CHARGERS ADJUSTABLE HANDLES POSITIONING HOOKS Work Lights Contains: 3 Wireless Lights Remote Controller with 30 min. Timer, Hi/Low Intensity Dimmer and Wall Holder 4 Adhesives 12 AAA Batteries